You pull into the parking lot where you see me parked. You look around out of curiosity but don’t see me. You shrug your shoulders and smile to yourself thinking that you are all alone. As I step back into the parking area I notice your vehicle. I slowly approach you and peer in the windows. I see you lying back in your seat your panties pulled down to your knees you have your music on as you caress yourself gently. Your eyes are closed and I can see your breathing beginning to come faster. As I watch you for a short time I begin to become hard. I reach down and undo my belt and pants. I begin to stroke myself my eyes taking in the sexual display of your self pleasure. I time my strokes to be the same as I watch your fingers explore and you moan louder and louder till you shudder and bite your lip. You smile and open your eyes you see my face hungrily watching you. At first you are embarassed and your cheeks flush as you begin to pull up your underwear as you adjust in place you notice my hand in my boxers moving.
 You look at me and we smile. You slide out of your vehicle as we assess one another up close there’s a spark between us. You lick your lips and approach me you take my hand and remove it from my boxers. With a wink and a smile you you slip your panties off and take my hand and place it between your legs. I feel how warm and wet you are. I slide a finger along your wet lips as you purr gently. You take my hand and press it firmly against you pushing my fingers inside. You guide my hand to your throbbing clit and gasp a little as well. We use my hand explore stroke at first slow then faster and harder till you cum again.
I look at you and grab you by your waist lift you up so your legs wrap around me Ifeel your wetness on my stomach. I carry you over to the truck I’m driving. I lay you down on your back. You take my cock in your hand and stroke it briefly till it is throbbing the pre cum glistening on the tip. You touch it and lick it off your hand. I pull you to the edge lift your legs up on my shoulders. With a devilish grin you guide my cock to you. I tease you with it. Rubbing my head on your clit then slowly sliding it between your lips just the tip then out and back to your clit circling it till you whimper and beg for me to stick it in you. Again I slowly insert it into you then as you moan I push forward with my hips slamming it all the way in. I you nearly cry as you feel me deep inside. I fuck you us both grunting and moaning you holding my ass and shoving me deeper inside you till with a gasp and a moan I explode inside you. My cum inside you bringing a smile. You feel it and as I pull out you reach down and taste some of what comes out of you. You sit up and clean my cock off licking it clean your tongue devouring any trace of cum.
 We stand up and dress eyeing one another I take you in my arms and kiss you hard on the mouth. Grab your curvy ass and hold you tightly. With another kiss I whisper till we meet up again. You ask me to wait and give me your number. With another kiss we part ways.

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