Oh you naughty girl why did you have to do that?  I saw the way looked at me the way you licked your lips. You made my cock stir when you brushed your bum against me. The teasing smile the twinkle in your eye. It was so hard not to touch your beautiful ass while it was close to me.

 But soon you will find a way to be alone with me I know you want to. We will look at each other and with a little smile appear to go seperately but we will meet up.. I will pull up beside you and after a quick glance around we will take one anothers hands walk into the woods. You can wear a sexy skirt and a tight blouse. I will lay a blanket down for us and we can lie down and look into each others eyes.
  I will stroke your hair lightly my fingers running down your cheek to your neck as you have a  light shiver I will lean in and kiss your mouth. You may hesitate guilt second thoughts intruding for a moment but you won’t speak. I will kiss you again and then pull your shirt up and off. Your breasts are covered by your bra but I can see your nipples are hard. I will lean in kiss you on the mouth lightly then your neck your shoulder. Feel my breath on your skin gently I tug one strap down your nipple is exposed my tongue licks it gently tracing it circling it as it grows stiffer. Gently I grasp it between my teeth making you gasp. I sit back reach around and unclasp your bra. Your other breast is free now I push you back and kiss your neck your breasts my tongue savouring your soft skin. I will enjoy the curves and swell of your breasts.
 What is this I find my hands have been stroking your thighs gently working upwards to your warm mound. With some kissing and tongue exploring I work my way downwards. My hands have found that you have no panties on how naughty. I tug your skirt up to let me see your beautiful sweet spot. Is it shaved? Natural trimmed?
 I want you to beg me nicely to eat you out. After hearing your hoarse moans and the quiver in your voice I lean in between your legs kissing your thighs. Working up to your warm lips you are already getting wet. You gasp softly as my tongue touches your clit softly then begins to move it around exploring reacting to the moans and way your body moves. Your lips need me so my tongue begins to insert inside you I lick and flick. Suck on your clit gently till you moan and I feel your legs on my head squeezing me as I work with my tongue faster and faster. You cry out squeeze me again hard and then relax.
  You smile at me satisfied but now it is my turn. You feel me through my pants first an impish smile on your face then unzip and un button my pants.you tug them down with my boxers my penis is released  it is getting hard now but not quite throbbing yet your hands caress it then you lean over and begin to lick the head and shaft you feel it stiffen as you caress lick and suck on me. After a few glorious minutes I push you back I turn you around get you on your knees tease you with my fingers first then the tip of my head. You grab it and insert it inside you. The first time I slide it all the way in you moan. I grab your hair and begin to pump long slow strokes at first. Then faster till you are asking for it. Before I cum I pull out move in front of you agajn I shove my cock in your mouth holding the back of your head I begin to fuck your mouth. At first you gag a little and resist but you like it. I pump a bit more then tell you to get ready as I shoot a hot wet load of cum in your mouth. It is a massive load of gooey salty semen that seems to go too long you nearly gag on the cum but I hold you there till you swallow it all.
 You naughty girl you did well. Perhaps next time you can pick where the cum goes if you please me… We dress and go our seperate ways. But we both know what we did and smile to ourselves when the memories return or when we meet again.

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