It is a frigid morning when I come to your door. I can see my breath as I grab my tools from the truck I look up and catch you looking out your window. I smile at you and approach your doorway.

 You open the door before I can raise my hand to knock with a glance around you beckon me in. I notice you shiver slightly as you shut the door behind me. I’m wondering if it is the cold or something else on your mind. I am surprised to see you in a beautiful dress on such a cool morning. But then again you are a northern beauty.
 You turn back to me and catch me admiring your curvaceous body. I grin and you smile back at me. I remove my shoes at the door and stand up. I find myself looking into your eyes when you ask me if I would like a cup of coffee. I gladly accept your offer and follow you into the kitchen. I sit down at the table as you go about getting together the fixings as you reach up into the cupboard to retrieve a mug my eyes are drawn to your legs and beautiful buttocks. I can see the outline of your underwear through your dress. I feel a stirring inside me. You place the cup in front of me as you set it down I glance down at the swell of your magnificent bosom. I am at a loss for words for a moment but thank you with a coy smile. I reach out to take the mug and our fingers touch. I can feel a spark of sensual energy and suspect you feel it as well I stroke your hand gently as you sit down across from me. We make idle conversation but there is an eroticism lying beneath the surface we are like two tigers caged. I finish my coffee and you take my mug with a sexy smile again we graze each other and feel the intensity of our desire rising.
  You move to the sink and begin rinsing it out. I walk up behind you squeeze your great ass. Slip my arm around your waist and nuzzle your cheek. I kiss your cheek and pull your hair back I kiss your neck. You taste and smell delicious. I’m drawn to kiss your neck again one side and the other, your shoulders then up one side nibbling gently kissing your soft skin. My hands are exploring the curves of your body. My fingers caress your stomach reach up to cup your large succulent breasts. I gently squeeze your nipple. After I’ve kissed your neck again I turn you around. We stare into each others eyes and our mouths come together our lips touch my hands grasp your bum and pull you tight.
 I lift you up in the air your legs around me we kiss some more. I carry you into the living room and set you down on the couch. I straddle you you can feel my stiffening member against your tummy. I kiss your lips again my tongue seeks yours again we enjoy the sensation. I lean towards you kissing you again on the neck you moan softly I continue to kiss and nuzzle you. I begin to slowly go down your neck. I reach behind you and unzip the top of your dress. I pull it down below your shoulders your amazing breasts are there in a sexy black bra. I am awe struck by the awesome breasts before me. I hungrily help you unclasp the bra. I start with caressing your one nipple .  Tracing the areola and taking the massive perfectly shaped breast to my mouth I lick and suck one nipple till it’s throbbing. I move to the other side and repeat the process. I crawl off of you and kneel on the floor I reach out and slide your matching panties off. I set one leg on each shoulder slide you forward and begin my exploration of you with my tongue. Your clitoris is slightly engorged with the blood of your passion. I start there a taste of it a prodding with my tongue I push it up and down. I take it in my mouth all the time hoping to get the spot that drives you wild. I play until your thighs squeeze me and I can hear your breath coming faster I move my mouth and tongue faster and feel your soft lips with first one finger then another. With a gasp and tightening of your thighs I jam a third finger inside and penetrate you with them as I devour you. You cry out and you squirt your delicious juice on me. As you lie back I lick your juices off your legs and my hand. My face is covered but I love it you are the first squirter I have been with. I kiss you again on your beautiful pussy. And lean back it was hard work but so satisfying to make you cum.
 You sit up and smile. With a husky tone you tell me it’s my turn and lead me to your bedroom. I strip off my clothes and you gently push me back on the bed. I watch you remove your dress and turn in the light letting me admire your goddess like body. You climb on the bed and kiss me again your wetness rubbing against my thick cock. Your hands move down my chest feeling my body you kiss me so sensually and then slowly work your way down my body. Arousing my senses till you reach my penis stroking it. Sliding the hood back to expose my thick head. The precum glistening as you lick it off. Your tongue sliding down the shaft and back up to take my hardening shaft in your mouth. I moan and lie back as you masterfully work and suck on me. I’m enjoying the feeling of your mouth and throat your mouth is drooling as you open your throat to get all of it in. I grab the back of your head and begin to fuck your mouth I’m impressed at how well you work my cock it sliding in and out. It feels so good but I want to be feel my thick cock inside you. I stop you with a sigh and pull you towards me. I beg you to ride me I want you to want me inside you. You slowly lower yourself on top of me. I arch my back and we connect in harmony you slowly ride me grinding and squirming feeling my stiffness filling you up. We  caress and kiss one another as we join our bodies melding you shudder and I feel the wetness spreading again over my cock and running down between my legs.
 We separate and you have me sit on the edge of the bed you kneel down and stroke and suck me slow at first then harder and harder you’re sucking and throating my cock till I tell you that I am going to cum baby. You ease back and with a grin suck me until I cry out and with a shudder I release my wet hot sticky load you nearly gag on the sheer volume of jizz it oozes out of your mouth a bit. You lick your lips as the rest slides down onto your perfect succulent breasts. With a grin you gargle and swallow my load. The rest you rub on your nipples and breasts. We lie down on the bed and I lie behind you my hands touching tracing your body. Feeling all your marks and characteristics we relax and chat for a while then you rise up and lead me to your shower…………..

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