Summer Luvin

It was warm that june. I had been helping the beautiful woman for years now, she was an old family friend. She had been divorced for over a year now a subject we never discussed. But for the life of me I could not figure out why she never seemed to get any dates. She was a goddess I had pined for her for many years. Average height with beautiful curves. I checked out her buttocks any chance I got and my goodness when she wore that one tank top of hers I swore my eyes would pop out of my head. Dirty blonde with mesmerising brown eyes that I was certain could read my dark lustful thoughts.

 I finished up raking the last of the leaves into the wheelbarrow and went and dumped it on the pile. I gathered up the tools and mopped the sweat from my brow once again. As I lowered my shirt I glanced at the house seeing the curtain fall back in place. I approached the front door but it swung open before I could knock. There she was 50 something but a knock out in any book. She was in her bathrobe which was a little unusual but then I heard the water running upstairs. She smiled and invited me in I tried to apologise for interrupting her but she shooshed me and silenced me with a finger to my lips. I entered the foyer and lost in my thoughts for a moment didn’t hear the offer of a cold drink. I shook my head clear and graciously accepted. We walked into the kitchen and I sat down while she pulled a cold beer from the fridge.
 We both sat and I asked her how things were going. She frowned slightly but then smiled and replied that things were good. She thought for a moment sighed then started to ask something but stopped again. In the moment of silence that followed she seemed to recall the bath running upstairs. With a smile she asked to be excused so that she could check on it. I nodded and told her to make sure it was not going to overflow. Plus I said I am just going to finish this beer and I need to get this sweat and musk off of me. She smiled looking thoughtfully and then left me in the kitchen with the faint smell of her subtle perfume swirling around me. God I thought to myself how I wish I could tell her how sexy I thought she was but I was afraid to make things awkward between us.
 I heard the water turned off a little splashing then I heard my name being called from upstairs. I finished the last pull on my drink and headed up the stairs. It was an older house and a few steps creaked on my way up them. I stepped into the hallway off the landing and gently called her name. She answered from behind a closed door to my left across the hall was the bedroom a large luxurious bed made up neatly. I asked what she needed and she informed she needed my help in the bathroom and that the door was unlocked. My hand reached out turned the knob and I entered. There were a few candles burning and the mirror was fogged up with steam the curtains pulled but there was enough light to see she was in the bathtub back to me with a glass of wine beside her. It was an old antique claw foot tub large in size she turned and looked at me and beckoned me in. I stood there dumbfounded at first but ecstatic to be there. She asked me if I would mind helping her, I swallowed and asked how I could be of service. She sat up and leaned forward. Her large breasts soapy and the nipples still hidden behind suds. She asks me to scrub her back for her I feel my manhood begin throbbing as my hands begin to wash with the proffered cloth.
 I can see her one hand on the edge of the tub while the other is below the water but I can see the water ripple down by her fantastic legs join and what I imagine to be a beautiful vagina lies. She moans softly and I slow in my administering of rubbing. She asks me in a soft husky voice “Do you think I am pretty?” I assure her that yes I do think so I inform her that she is one of the most attractive women I have layed eyes upon. “Will you join me in the tub?” she asks me sitting up exposing her curvacious bosom. I pull my sweat stained shirt over my head as she reaches over at the same time and unclasps my belt and opens my blue jeans. Her warm wet hand reaches inside and grasps my hardening cock. She runs her fingers down feeling my uncircumcised shaft with the foreskin intact hiding the head. She pulls the hood back and runs her thumb over my tip. Tracing the large thick head. She begins pulling my pants off I help slide them off. I remove my socks and prepare to step into the water. She stops me with a finger to my chest feeling the shaggy thatch covering my torso. “Nice. Very nice” she purrs. Then taking my thick ropy manhood in her hands licks the the tip softly.
 She instructs me to sit down and then places her strong supple legs over mine. She passes me a washcloth and takes one as well.
“Have you shared a bath before?”  You just explore the other person if you find something you like you use your hands as well she informs me.
 I let out a soft moan as she caresses my cock it hardens as she strokes it softly. My hand searches beneath the water finding the coarse bush around her sweet mound. I use my finger to brush her clitoris softly. “NO” she tells me firmly “You have to be rough with mine” She takes my fingers and proceeds to pinch her swollen stub. Stick your finger in me. I follow suit she grunts as I slip inside her “More. More” she pants I add more fingers inside her . Yes that’s it yes. I fuck her with my fingers till she moans and closes her eyes. A long exhale and she jumps up splashing water everywhere. “Follow me!” she commands as her wet dripping body exits the room crossing the hallway. I quickly follow her lead she is rummaging in the night stand and triumphantly removes a mid sized vibrator. She hands me it and turns around gets on all four. Her heart shaped ass up in the air her dripping pussy beckoning me. I push her up the bed so her face is planted on her pillow. I spot some lubricant in the open drawer and coat the toy so that it glistens in the afternoon light. I turn the base and it begins to throb and buzz with its vibrations. At first I tease her wet lips circling them slowly till she begs for her toy. After she whimpers again I take it and insert it inside her swollen lips as I am sure it is inside I begin slamming it into her warm wet slippery pussy. I take some lube and coat my first two fingers on my other hand with them I circle her clean anus. Then while the toy is buried in her I slip one finger into her bum. She squirms at first as it was a surprise but then I add my second finger and she screams a little but realises she likes it. The vibrator and my fingers fucking both holes at once. She thrusts backwards into the object and my hand. I ask her how much she likes it. “Fuck yes. Use my holes uh yesssss” she pants. Finally after minutes of watching her squirm and pant she collapses face down on the bed.
 I can tell she loved it and is near spent but now I need to have my fun. I turn her around get her to kneel before me. My cock is so stiff as I run it around her face her tongue darting out for it . I grasp her breasts and stroke my cock with them as she hungrily watches me. I decide to go easy this time and push her over so that I can lie down. I pull her over turn her about and sit her down on my thick hard penis. She rides me reverse cowgirl I pull her hair with one hand and begin to finger her asshole yet again. I pull her back to me and tell her to beg for my cum inside her. She starts telling me how good it feels and she wants my cum inside her to feel the pressure build and then the release of warm sticky goodness. I pant and lift my hips into her as she fucks me with some of the best pussy ever. After I feel like I am in heaven for an eternity I feel the strain of my balls building up getting ready unleash my seed. I push her forward and pull out briefly till I am kneeling behind her. My thumb in her ass as my cock thrusts deep. In one last thrust I grab her thighs and unleash my life force inside her. Holding on until every last ounce of semen is released. As I soften I pull out admiring her beautiful cream filled gash there is creamy white cum oozing out she reaches down and grabs some with her fingers to taste me. I let her.lick my cock clean then with a little slap to her ass. I stand and grab my clothes from across the hall. She is lying in her bed with the blankets half up. I lean in grab a breast and lick and kiss her dark nipple. With a quick kiss I thank her.
 I must leave before the wife wonders where I am I inform her. You were the best fuck of my life and I look forwatd to our next tryst. She kisses me with ardor and invites me back in a few weeks.

A Cold Morning

It is a frigid morning when I come to your door. I can see my breath as I grab my tools from the truck I look up and catch you looking out your window. I smile at you and approach your doorway.

 You open the door before I can raise my hand to knock with a glance around you beckon me in. I notice you shiver slightly as you shut the door behind me. I’m wondering if it is the cold or something else on your mind. I am surprised to see you in a beautiful dress on such a cool morning. But then again you are a northern beauty.
 You turn back to me and catch me admiring your curvaceous body. I grin and you smile back at me. I remove my shoes at the door and stand up. I find myself looking into your eyes when you ask me if I would like a cup of coffee. I gladly accept your offer and follow you into the kitchen. I sit down at the table as you go about getting together the fixings as you reach up into the cupboard to retrieve a mug my eyes are drawn to your legs and beautiful buttocks. I can see the outline of your underwear through your dress. I feel a stirring inside me. You place the cup in front of me as you set it down I glance down at the swell of your magnificent bosom. I am at a loss for words for a moment but thank you with a coy smile. I reach out to take the mug and our fingers touch. I can feel a spark of sensual energy and suspect you feel it as well I stroke your hand gently as you sit down across from me. We make idle conversation but there is an eroticism lying beneath the surface we are like two tigers caged. I finish my coffee and you take my mug with a sexy smile again we graze each other and feel the intensity of our desire rising.
  You move to the sink and begin rinsing it out. I walk up behind you squeeze your great ass. Slip my arm around your waist and nuzzle your cheek. I kiss your cheek and pull your hair back I kiss your neck. You taste and smell delicious. I’m drawn to kiss your neck again one side and the other, your shoulders then up one side nibbling gently kissing your soft skin. My hands are exploring the curves of your body. My fingers caress your stomach reach up to cup your large succulent breasts. I gently squeeze your nipple. After I’ve kissed your neck again I turn you around. We stare into each others eyes and our mouths come together our lips touch my hands grasp your bum and pull you tight.
 I lift you up in the air your legs around me we kiss some more. I carry you into the living room and set you down on the couch. I straddle you you can feel my stiffening member against your tummy. I kiss your lips again my tongue seeks yours again we enjoy the sensation. I lean towards you kissing you again on the neck you moan softly I continue to kiss and nuzzle you. I begin to slowly go down your neck. I reach behind you and unzip the top of your dress. I pull it down below your shoulders your amazing breasts are there in a sexy black bra. I am awe struck by the awesome breasts before me. I hungrily help you unclasp the bra. I start with caressing your one nipple .  Tracing the areola and taking the massive perfectly shaped breast to my mouth I lick and suck one nipple till it’s throbbing. I move to the other side and repeat the process. I crawl off of you and kneel on the floor I reach out and slide your matching panties off. I set one leg on each shoulder slide you forward and begin my exploration of you with my tongue. Your clitoris is slightly engorged with the blood of your passion. I start there a taste of it a prodding with my tongue I push it up and down. I take it in my mouth all the time hoping to get the spot that drives you wild. I play until your thighs squeeze me and I can hear your breath coming faster I move my mouth and tongue faster and feel your soft lips with first one finger then another. With a gasp and tightening of your thighs I jam a third finger inside and penetrate you with them as I devour you. You cry out and you squirt your delicious juice on me. As you lie back I lick your juices off your legs and my hand. My face is covered but I love it you are the first squirter I have been with. I kiss you again on your beautiful pussy. And lean back it was hard work but so satisfying to make you cum.
 You sit up and smile. With a husky tone you tell me it’s my turn and lead me to your bedroom. I strip off my clothes and you gently push me back on the bed. I watch you remove your dress and turn in the light letting me admire your goddess like body. You climb on the bed and kiss me again your wetness rubbing against my thick cock. Your hands move down my chest feeling my body you kiss me so sensually and then slowly work your way down my body. Arousing my senses till you reach my penis stroking it. Sliding the hood back to expose my thick head. The precum glistening as you lick it off. Your tongue sliding down the shaft and back up to take my hardening shaft in your mouth. I moan and lie back as you masterfully work and suck on me. I’m enjoying the feeling of your mouth and throat your mouth is drooling as you open your throat to get all of it in. I grab the back of your head and begin to fuck your mouth I’m impressed at how well you work my cock it sliding in and out. It feels so good but I want to be feel my thick cock inside you. I stop you with a sigh and pull you towards me. I beg you to ride me I want you to want me inside you. You slowly lower yourself on top of me. I arch my back and we connect in harmony you slowly ride me grinding and squirming feeling my stiffness filling you up. We  caress and kiss one another as we join our bodies melding you shudder and I feel the wetness spreading again over my cock and running down between my legs.
 We separate and you have me sit on the edge of the bed you kneel down and stroke and suck me slow at first then harder and harder you’re sucking and throating my cock till I tell you that I am going to cum baby. You ease back and with a grin suck me until I cry out and with a shudder I release my wet hot sticky load you nearly gag on the sheer volume of jizz it oozes out of your mouth a bit. You lick your lips as the rest slides down onto your perfect succulent breasts. With a grin you gargle and swallow my load. The rest you rub on your nipples and breasts. We lie down on the bed and I lie behind you my hands touching tracing your body. Feeling all your marks and characteristics we relax and chat for a while then you rise up and lead me to your shower…………..


Oh you naughty girl why did you have to do that?  I saw the way looked at me the way you licked your lips. You made my cock stir when you brushed your bum against me. The teasing smile the twinkle in your eye. It was so hard not to touch your beautiful ass while it was close to me.

 But soon you will find a way to be alone with me I know you want to. We will look at each other and with a little smile appear to go seperately but we will meet up.. I will pull up beside you and after a quick glance around we will take one anothers hands walk into the woods. You can wear a sexy skirt and a tight blouse. I will lay a blanket down for us and we can lie down and look into each others eyes.
  I will stroke your hair lightly my fingers running down your cheek to your neck as you have a  light shiver I will lean in and kiss your mouth. You may hesitate guilt second thoughts intruding for a moment but you won’t speak. I will kiss you again and then pull your shirt up and off. Your breasts are covered by your bra but I can see your nipples are hard. I will lean in kiss you on the mouth lightly then your neck your shoulder. Feel my breath on your skin gently I tug one strap down your nipple is exposed my tongue licks it gently tracing it circling it as it grows stiffer. Gently I grasp it between my teeth making you gasp. I sit back reach around and unclasp your bra. Your other breast is free now I push you back and kiss your neck your breasts my tongue savouring your soft skin. I will enjoy the curves and swell of your breasts.
 What is this I find my hands have been stroking your thighs gently working upwards to your warm mound. With some kissing and tongue exploring I work my way downwards. My hands have found that you have no panties on how naughty. I tug your skirt up to let me see your beautiful sweet spot. Is it shaved? Natural trimmed?
 I want you to beg me nicely to eat you out. After hearing your hoarse moans and the quiver in your voice I lean in between your legs kissing your thighs. Working up to your warm lips you are already getting wet. You gasp softly as my tongue touches your clit softly then begins to move it around exploring reacting to the moans and way your body moves. Your lips need me so my tongue begins to insert inside you I lick and flick. Suck on your clit gently till you moan and I feel your legs on my head squeezing me as I work with my tongue faster and faster. You cry out squeeze me again hard and then relax.
  You smile at me satisfied but now it is my turn. You feel me through my pants first an impish smile on your face then unzip and un button my tug them down with my boxers my penis is released  it is getting hard now but not quite throbbing yet your hands caress it then you lean over and begin to lick the head and shaft you feel it stiffen as you caress lick and suck on me. After a few glorious minutes I push you back I turn you around get you on your knees tease you with my fingers first then the tip of my head. You grab it and insert it inside you. The first time I slide it all the way in you moan. I grab your hair and begin to pump long slow strokes at first. Then faster till you are asking for it. Before I cum I pull out move in front of you agajn I shove my cock in your mouth holding the back of your head I begin to fuck your mouth. At first you gag a little and resist but you like it. I pump a bit more then tell you to get ready as I shoot a hot wet load of cum in your mouth. It is a massive load of gooey salty semen that seems to go too long you nearly gag on the cum but I hold you there till you swallow it all.
 You naughty girl you did well. Perhaps next time you can pick where the cum goes if you please me… We dress and go our seperate ways. But we both know what we did and smile to ourselves when the memories return or when we meet again.

The rest stop

You pull into the parking lot where you see me parked. You look around out of curiosity but don’t see me. You shrug your shoulders and smile to yourself thinking that you are all alone. As I step back into the parking area I notice your vehicle. I slowly approach you and peer in the windows. I see you lying back in your seat your panties pulled down to your knees you have your music on as you caress yourself gently. Your eyes are closed and I can see your breathing beginning to come faster. As I watch you for a short time I begin to become hard. I reach down and undo my belt and pants. I begin to stroke myself my eyes taking in the sexual display of your self pleasure. I time my strokes to be the same as I watch your fingers explore and you moan louder and louder till you shudder and bite your lip. You smile and open your eyes you see my face hungrily watching you. At first you are embarassed and your cheeks flush as you begin to pull up your underwear as you adjust in place you notice my hand in my boxers moving.
 You look at me and we smile. You slide out of your vehicle as we assess one another up close there’s a spark between us. You lick your lips and approach me you take my hand and remove it from my boxers. With a wink and a smile you you slip your panties off and take my hand and place it between your legs. I feel how warm and wet you are. I slide a finger along your wet lips as you purr gently. You take my hand and press it firmly against you pushing my fingers inside. You guide my hand to your throbbing clit and gasp a little as well. We use my hand explore stroke at first slow then faster and harder till you cum again.
I look at you and grab you by your waist lift you up so your legs wrap around me Ifeel your wetness on my stomach. I carry you over to the truck I’m driving. I lay you down on your back. You take my cock in your hand and stroke it briefly till it is throbbing the pre cum glistening on the tip. You touch it and lick it off your hand. I pull you to the edge lift your legs up on my shoulders. With a devilish grin you guide my cock to you. I tease you with it. Rubbing my head on your clit then slowly sliding it between your lips just the tip then out and back to your clit circling it till you whimper and beg for me to stick it in you. Again I slowly insert it into you then as you moan I push forward with my hips slamming it all the way in. I you nearly cry as you feel me deep inside. I fuck you us both grunting and moaning you holding my ass and shoving me deeper inside you till with a gasp and a moan I explode inside you. My cum inside you bringing a smile. You feel it and as I pull out you reach down and taste some of what comes out of you. You sit up and clean my cock off licking it clean your tongue devouring any trace of cum.
 We stand up and dress eyeing one another I take you in my arms and kiss you hard on the mouth. Grab your curvy ass and hold you tightly. With another kiss I whisper till we meet up again. You ask me to wait and give me your number. With another kiss we part ways.